Spring/Summer 2010


22 Responses to “Spring/Summer 2010”

  1. Beautiful work Yasmin!!! It’s wonderful!

  2. i love it 😀

    people who go to the relase party go an artist
    congratulations !

  3. Cheerleader2648 Says:

    I loved this issue. It was very pretty:)

  4. Ciaraleanne Says:

    ;O Amazing graphics yasmin!
    Totally awesome, Loved the whole magazine<333
    & Thank you for using me as a model! ;D

  5. Polincik Says:

    It’s so beautiful ^^
    Nice job Yasmin 🙂

  6. coolcute98 Says:

    I love the new issue. You have worked incredibly hard I’m guessing to produce such a brilliant magazine. If anyone is mean to you or says they hate it I’ll bet it’s because they’re jealous! Well Done! 😀 <(")

  7. Absolutely amazing:)
    Congrats! I love it!



  8. Findurlove Says:

    I loved working on this, and I love the whole issue, its just spectacular – it left me speechless :O

  9. theloveablenerd Says:

    I haven’t seen your previous issues, but I’m glad you have all continued to create what could be considered a work of art.

    I saw a few grammar mistakes in the ‘Haute Couture’ article, and some of the feet in the graphics look off, but overall, great magazine and I hope you continue to make more in the future.

    LOVED IT! 🙂

  10. Anonymious Says:

    Very good, but I have to say this: You really don’t know what lolita is.

    • I do 🙂
      I know there are a few different types of Lolita, but I focused on Japanese Lolita. I also know it wasn’t completely Lolita, I just based it on Japanese Lolita 🙂

  11. ananaonrhr Says:

    I absolutely hate it the only people who say they like say it because they feel sorry for you!! Almost all the graphics are HORRIFYING

  12. […] Click here to see the whole Issue of the Magazine […]

  13. Reira422 Says:

    Lovely issue! You did a great job with the remake of dresses! I absolutely admire the Dior couture 🙂

    On the other hand, if you want to focus on Japanese lolita, you could’ve added added a bit more details on the cover. For example, ribbons, frills, and bows are almost hard to miss in Japanese lolita dresses ^^

  14. bonjor
    j aimerais que tu me dise comment t fait pour arrivée a plier les jambe et les bras de ta Medoll je trouve sa très beau félicitation !! et j aimerais pourvoir aussi le faire
    merci pour ta réponse
    gros bisousss♥

  15. I really love it. Especially the cover.
    But, i think that some dresses are done bit better the others.

  16. maddrumfairy Says:

    i love the ideas and some graphics.
    you could see and comment my mag, too ^^


  17. Miiiiiiiiaaaaaaah Says:

    Wowza. Speechless. AAAAAAMAZING

  18. 100% brilliant how do u do the poses and grapics???????

  19. 10natasha10(Tasha♥) Says:

    Wow stunning, i love it keep up the good work!

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